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Food trucks are the next on the streets of Mumbai and other Metros.

ARC qsr food  eateries have foodies flocking for gourmet Peanut ButterJam Sandwiches, hot chicken burgers, delicious  crepes, Pan cake covered in maple syrup…with fruits, nuts and chocolates!… just to name a few.

ARC qsr, introduces you to less expensive alternative to opening a regular restaurant We give you the option of, food trucks, food trailers, food carts, and even food.  If you’ve ever dreamed of  the food truck, ARC qsr will provide you with all the information necessary to get you on the road. Highlights include:

  1. Information on all the startup costs and sources for purchasing or leasing your kitchen on wheels
  2. Building a business plan that will guide decision making and set you up for success;
  3. WE direct you to locations for optimal visibility and sales;
  4. Our ZERO WASTE menu planning will help you with high ROI;
  5. Connecting with people in various areas by using traditional marketing tools and social media

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