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A great many people have asked us “How to setup a QSR in India?” If you want to get started with your Quick Service Restaurant, but don’t know where to start or whom to ask, you’ve reached the right place. Lets get the fire going with a few questions you always wanted to ask, with these frequently asked questions.

1. How much space is required to set up a Quick Service Restaurant?

Every restaurant has its own unique set of needs and demands, based on which the ideal space required may be decided. The many factors that contribute to that decision can range from the type of restaurant it is (i.e. Seat-in or Take away) to the kind of food it offers.

Our experience tells us that a minimum of 350 square feet carpet area with a running water line and a commercial electrical line is sufficient to start a Quick Service Restaurant.


2. Do you help finding the location to set up the QSR? We have already chosen a location for our QSR, would you evaluate it and/or recommend otherwise?

Finding the right location to set up your QSR typical entails a careful evaluation of – the type of catchment area that is ideal, the menu and possible demand for such food, accessibility to the location, whether the QSR has seating or is simply a take away etc.

Keeping these in mind, we provide a complete catchment evaluation and based on the study provide recommendations for ideal location(s) for your QSR to run and flourish.


3. How much investment is required to set up a QSR?

Each project comes with its own distinctive set of timelines and requirements; after a thorough assessment of these needs the cost of the project can be worked out and discussed. The Professional fees for our services depend upon the scope of the project and the extent of our involvement.

Once these factors are taken into account we will determine the cost of the project and discuss it in depth. As a standard practice we keep the pricing transparent and provide the break up of the cost under the following heads – Rent & overheads, food production; inventory and supply; human resources/people; staff training; kitchen equipment and setup; operational costs.


4. Where do you obtain the food ingredients and recruit chefs. Do you train the chefs as well?

We source and procure food ingredients and components from a set of trusted vendors. We keep the process of procurement very transparent and ensure that the vendors are extremely reliable in terms of delivery as well as quality.

With our experience and expertise, we have been able to build a dependable community of chefs and F&B related work force. The chefs are recruited from this pool of talent; of course after thorough evaluation through interviews and test, to best fit the requirements of each client. The chefs, once recruited, undergo extensive training to be oriented towards not just the menu requirements and food production but also adherence to Standard Operation
Processes (SOP’s) and other important health and hygiene regulations.


5. What are the daily running costs of a QSR?

The day-to-day running costs of each QSR vary depending on factors such as the number of people employed; the menu plan and the ingredients required for production; the expanse and location of the space etc.

At the onset of each project that we take up, we study, assess, evaluate and inform the client about the running costs of the QSR.


6. Will you be planning the Menu? Is it a set menu that you work with or would you be open to items of our choice?

Menu Planning and Menu Engineering are amongst the leading services that we provide to our clients. There are various methods to reach a mutually agreeable menu plan; and we assure you that your input in terms of the food you would like to see on your menu and your preferences, likings and inclination will be considered and much appreciated.

It is a collaborative process.


7. Do you help in procuring the requisite licenses and fulfill paperwork formalities?

Yes, we can definitely help your procure the licenses and permissions required to set up your restaurant, with your co-operation. The costs of these licenses and permissions are to be borne by the client.


8. Are we liable by law to have food safety and hygiene inspections and such norms?

Yes. A standard set of norms need to be followed towards food hygiene, health regulations, food safety are all concerns that need to be attended to. At the onset of the project we will discuss and consequently set SOP’s for the same which need to be adhered to very strictly by all those involved with the operations. The employees will also be oriented towards these norms and practices in the training that they will undergo.


9. What is the type of kitchen equipments and kitchen design that we need?

Kitchen design and furnishing are amongst multiple services that we provide. We will consult and recommend the type of equipments and design required for your kitchen depending upon the menu, kitchen size, size of the QSR, no. of expected customers etc.


If you have any other queries/inquiries about how to setup a QSR in India, please get in touch with us here.