As the population is growing, more and more people are moving towards the Metros for jobs and education. But urbanization of 2 and 3 tier towns is in full swing as well. High disposable income is amongst the youth of India.  As PM  Modi repeatedly pointed out that 600+ Million of India’s population is under the age of 25. This is where the spending power lies and these are the people filling up our food courts today. Plethora of standardized items available has made it even more important to create your own brand value.

‘Eating out’ is gaining popularity at light speed. Consumption of new cuisines, various choices, International concepts is making the food industry grow leaps and bounds. Prices are affordable, choices are plenty and we are also dominated by international brands for competition.

A QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) or an Express Food Kiosk is gaining popularity because of its versatility in serving favorite snacks on the go, so have become frequent destinations for people of every age. Snacks, meals, desserts or exotic food available at affordable prices is the demand for ever growing population .

ARC, a QSR brand created by me has the potential to give very high returns. All raw materials used are standardized and vendors are ISO certified suppliers.

Health and hygiene concerns are taken care of as I am HACCP qualified. I have a menu that will cater to the insatiable taste of the youth sector. Being an Indian I have maintained the Indian tastes as well. Since the ROI is high, food Inflation and local competition is easily dealt with.

Young professionals in the area can benefit from high nutritional food that is easy on their pocket. The QSR is low cost in terms of investment and its operation, but the high ROI makes it sustainable. The menu has mass appeal as one student at the North Campus in Delhi said to me, “m’am I saw the peanut butter sandwich  in some advertisement  or a movie but never thought I could get to eat it outside my college! Thankyou so much for bringing it to us”. Same adulation was doled out for crepes and pancakes.

ARC, as a QSR brand will work wonders and give the investor returns on their investment in a very short time.

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