Every staff member from the manager to the waiter, from the chef to the kitchen help, is provided with training that helps smoothen the functioning of the restaurant and maintains the standards of service. The training that the kitchen staff requires is much different from the training given to the staff that deals with the customers.

For the kitchen staff, stringent training is provided on stock keeping, meticulous handling of indenting, hygiene and waste control. These are the keys to smooth running of the kitchen. The chefs are given thorough training in standardizing the dishes and preparing food with least wastage. The kitchen staff is also specially trained to adhere to the unique zero waste concept which helps in getting higher return on investment.

The front staff that deals with the customers – the waiters, the senior staff, and the managers – are provided with training in etiquette and ways of dealing with different types of customers. Training is also provided in order taking, service, food safety and hygiene, timely serving of orders and billing customers.