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The goal of Menu Engineering is simple – to increase restaurant profits per guest. It is an analysis of the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of menu items.

Increase restaurant profits with zero waste concepts

At Arc QSR we engineer the menu with a zero waste concept. Interesting and delectable snacks are methodically cooked, tasted and then listed on the menu. Use of standardized ingredients that are ISO certified, maintaining a dedicated working staff with strict production system and a standard recipe for every dish in daily running assures an increase in Quick Service Restaurant profits.

The same brand of QSR can have different menus at different locations. We help you engineer and turn around the menu according to the location and introduce snacks and recipes that the demographic of the area would accept and enjoy. For example a QSR in a college dominated locality should invest in a menu that is quick to prepare, yummy to eat, indulgent but yet easy on the pocket.